Jewish memories between Speyer and Strasbourg

Searching for evidence with Kultourissimo
A time travel to locations relating to Jewish life


Since the early Middle Ages, numerous Jewish communities have existed in Northern Alsace and Southern Palatinate. Their members used to live mainly off wine trading, tobacco and cattle trade.  Interrupted by eras of displacement, and up to the beginning of fascism,  the Jewish population significantly shaped the rural regions and their urban centres. Despite National Socialism and war, we still find evidence today in villages and small towns of Jewish life. We would like to accompany you to some of these impressive places.



The tour tells the story of important local, Jewish personalities, including Maria Saalfeldt, Edith Stein and Otto Siegel. It leads to cemeteries, a synagogue and invites you to tour various places of the Alsace and Southern Palatinate. Upon request we can go together to the exhibition in the Frank-Loebsches House in Landau – the house where Anne Frank's grandfather was born – or the Jewish Museums in Bouxwiller and Speyer. The tour is put together to best meet the relevant Kultourissimo client's requirements.

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