Art of gardening

With Kultourissimo through gardens and studios

With Kultourissimo through gardens and studios


The gardening culture has a long tradition in Europe, starting from the cottage gardens of early days to the designer parks of Counts and Kings and today's public and private gardens – designed according to many different aesthetic preferences. “Gardening” is IN.


We will show you a number of pearls among the art of gardening, created by passionate gardeners and botanists. Some of them with lovingly arranged objects from regional artists. You can start a conversation with the gardening enthusiasts, if necessary we can assist with translations. During this tour you may also acquire one or the other little plant.


Since we're already on the track of beauty, Kultourissimo will be happy to accompany you to individual artist's studios on either side of the border. There is also an ethnobotanical museum within a cottage garden.



We will fully accommodate your requests and will present you our tour program during a personal preliminary talk.

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